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Great News, 

New​ Book Release

Ichthys, a Graphic Novel and Instructional Guide

On sale now in the Web Store

Sneak a Peek of  Scripture Kinesthetics! 

Click on the video below.

The Great Fish! Click on the video below.

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Educationally Yours provides high-quality, personalized, professional development to meet your organization’s unique instructional needs.

We specialize in practices that promote developing the instructional potential of every individual. Our goal is to provide educators with the skills,

strategies, and knowledge to positively effect change in students and improve academic achievement.

To get your personalized instructional plan started, contact us for a free consultation today!

Teachers affect eternity; no one can 

tell where their inafluence stops.

Henry Brooks Adams

Teaching is the one profession that creates

all other professions.


Those who know, do. Those that

understand, teach.


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